Posting Rules

Welcome to NerdSell.

Rules for Posting Ads

• NerdSell is solely a public user-friendly online classifieds platform made freely available to users to sell, buy, swap or auction goods.
• Users are free to post multiple items and multiple ads.
• Users are only allowed to post to the main five categories provided. Items posted must match or be relevant to these categories alone.
• All Free ads are visible for 30 days, and will thereafter be expired. Users are welcome to repost the same ads that have expired for a further 30 days.
• Users are to ensure that all items in all ads contain clear photos of the actual product and not fake, copyrighted, watermarked, stock or Googled images. • Ads without photos are prohibited.
• Ads must be original. Users are prohibited from copying, pasting and posting ads of others as their own.
• Users are free to negotiate the price of items, mutually agree on meeting places for transactions, and continue communication via emailing or calling one another off/apart from the NerdSell website facilities at their own risk.
• Users are to refrain from posting duplicate ads.
• Users are solely responsible for the content they post, agreeing to assume all liability for their use.
• Users are responsible for ensuring that all information regarding their ads are decent, correct and true, and is not in any way misleading or fraudulent. NerdSell takes no responsibility nor gives any guarantee for any misrepresentations or inaccuracies of/by users and their postings.
• Users are advised to correctly categorize their items when posting ads according to the categories provided on NerdSell. If your item does not belong in any of these categories, please refrain from posting your ads.
• Inappropriate language and inappropriate photos are strictly prohibited.
• Scams of any kind are strictly prohibited on the NerdSell website.
• NerdSell does not accept overseas ads.
• All ads must be in English only.
• All ads and transaction are to be in South African Rands only.
• The posting and/or advertisement of stolen goods is strictly prohibited.
• Users who violate the terms and policies of this site will have their ads and/or account removed.
• When visiting or using the NerdSell website, you as the user, agree not to hold us responsible for things other users post or do (on or off the website).